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MozCamp India - Train the trainer

Evangelising Firefox OS to developers

Made by @fharper and @jmswisher


Teach community members how to approach and talk to developers about Firefox OS so that the developers want to create apps for this platform, and want to help other developers do the same.

Content Team

  • Frédéric Harper - Session presenter
  • Janet Swisher - Session presenter
  • Kaustav Das Modak - Community co-lead
  • Priyanka Nag - Community co-lead

Strategy: 5 Questions

The content of this session was developed after answering these five questions, which guided our strategy:


The goal of developer outreach is to inspire and enable developers to use open web technologies, both in general and specifically to create apps for Firefox OS. We want to not only evangelize about open web technologies, but to empower more evangelists in local communities. The outcome of this session is to create community evangelists: contributors who will be willing to promote Firefox OS to developers. Through various techniques, like presenting in front of a technical audience, Mozillians will help get more people involved in the development of Firefox OS or applications for Firefox OS.

First Actions

Actions to inspire web developers:

  • Speak at user groups and conferences.
  • Blog about open web technologies.
  • Create a Firefox OS app, and speak or blog about how you did it.

Actions to enable web developers:

  • Translate MDN docs into local languages (focus on Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali for Firefox OS).
  • Answer developer questions on Stack Overflow.
  • Translate existing apps into local languages (transifex).
  • Contribute code samples and demos to MDN.
  • Contribute code to the MDN platform.


This session is aimed at Mozilla contributors who want to help promote open web technologies and Firefox OS apps to developers. In order to talk to developers, you need to be able to speak their (technical) language. Therefore, you should already have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and experience with web development. If you have only a little programming knowledge, the activities can you can successfully do in this area are limited, and therefore this session will not be a good use of your time.


Actions to recruit more evangelists:

  • Organize events for developer outreach
    • Developer meetups
    • Intro to Mozilla for developers
    • App hack days
    • MDN doc and localization sprints
  • Informal recruiting at work, school, etc.

Enabling Content

Content is already available online in different places like the Mozilla Rep page or training wiki page. Content can also be shared or created on demand by the Evangelist team if needed.

Learning objectives

The idea behind this session is to give the tools the community member needs to approach developers, and talk about Firefox OS in a way that make sense.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify developer outreach activities
  • Locate resources to help with developer outreach
  • Deliver key messages that reach web developers
  • Define outreach goals, and select activities to reach those goals

The attendees will learn:

  • How to present about Firefox OS to a technical audience
  • Key messages to use to win the heart, and mind of developers
  • Tips and tricks on how to reach developers (where can I help?)


The only prerequisites are at least basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as the will to share the awesomeness of Firefox OS with developers.


Total length: 3 hours

  1. Introduce the session & goals - 15 mins
  2. How to evangelize Firefox OS to a technical audience - 45 mins
  3. Speaker idol - 45 mins
  4. Enabling developers - 30 mins
  5. Action planning - 30 mins

Introduce the session & goals

We will take some time to introduce the session, and give some details on the next three hours we will have together: the agenda as the goals of the session.

How to evangelize Firefox OS to a technical audience

  • Introduction
    • Firefox OS?
    • Who is the target audience?
  • Inspiring
    • Inspiring developers - doing talks
    • How should you approach Firefox OS when you talk to developers?
    • Typical presentation arc
    • How to start (where can you speak)
    • How can we help you speak
      • BugZilla form
    • Personal blogs
    • Hacks blog

Speaker idol

The goal of this exercise is to give a first try at public speaking in an environment that is less stressful than a real conference or user group. Attendees will have feedback from other attendees, but also from experienced public speaker. The goal is to inspire them to start doing public speaking.

We will ask the attendees to participate in mini-session of 4 minutes each:

  • 2 minutes of one person presenting about a technical topic of their choice
  • 1 minute of Q&A from the audience
  • 1 minute of feedback on the 2 minute performance + answers to the questions

Enabling developers

  • Enabling
    • There is not only public speaking
    • Helping to get apps: Kaustav talks about app hack days
    • StackOverflow
    • Transifex
    • Github
    • Bugzilla
    • MDN: Priyanka talks about MDN events
    • UserVoice for developer tools
  • Follow up & resources

Action planning

  • Refresher about developer-oriented event types - 15 minutes
  • Exercise on audience and goals - 15 minutes, in small groups
    • Think about a developer audience you have access to (via work, school, user group, etc.)
    • What goal do you want to set for reaching this audience?
    • What event type would you use to reach this audience and this goal?
    • Who can you work with in your area to implement this?
  • Reflect, share, and hack on action plans - 15 minutes
  • Make a project roadmap and assign roles - 10 minutes


To maximize the impact of this session, here are some homework you can do to prepare yourself:

  • Create a simple app and submit to the Marketplace - you can do as a group, and don't need to succeed, just try!
  • Go through he beginner Firefox OS pages on MDN & write a blog post on what you have learned.
  • Prepare a presentation on Firefox OS of 3 minutes length.
  • Prepare questions, and add them in the EtherPad.


1. AV & technical requirements

Projectors & wifi

2. Room setup requirements

Chairs, and one table

3. Materials and tools

Post-its & markers